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The World Wide Web or WWW was first introduced in the year 1991. But, later, as the technology advanced, new versions of web standards in the form of Web 1.0, Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 came into existence. However, Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 are obviously considered more advanced and easy to use when compared wi.

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  • Web 2.0 is the term used to describe a variety of web sites and applications that allow anyone to create and share online information or material they have created. A key element of the technology is that it allows people to create, share, collaborate & communicate. Web 2.0 differs from other types of websites as it does not require any web.
  • MLS 2003 Applied Lab Math & Statistics. (3) F, Su.Will satisfy the math requirement for AAS degree. AAS MLS Required Core Courses. Note: You must be accepted into the AAS program to enroll in any of these courses, with the exception of MLS 1001.


Effective 1 June 2020 through 31 May 2021
Please see the Temporary Adjustments to Policy on Grading for Undergraduate Courses for Spring 2020

Please see the Undergraduate Catalog Archives for PDF versions of past catalogs.

This program is offered by the George Herbert Walker School of Business & Technology/Mathematics and Computer Science Department and is only available at the St. Louis home campus.

Program Description

Mathematics is a powerful tool used in the natural and social sciences for understanding and predicting the world around us. It also has a beauty of logic and structure within itself, as well as being useful for a wide variety of applications. Students interested in the natural and social sciences are encouraged to have a second major or a minor in mathematics. Graduates with a major in mathematics would be employed anywhere there is a need to solve numerical and logical problems.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will demonstrate critical thinking skills in the area of mathematics.
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to solve problems related to the program content.
  • Students will demonstrate in depth knowledge of calculus.
  • Students will demonstrate comprehension with a variety of mathematics, chosen from applied and/or theoretical topics.
  • Students will gain basic computer programming skills.

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Degree Requirements

For information on the general requirements for a degree, see Baccalaureate Degree Requirements under the Academic Policies and Information section of this catalog.

  • 51 required credit hours
  • Applicable University Global Citizenship Program hours, with accommodations for the mathematics BS
  • Electives

Global Citizenship Program for Mathematics BS

Requirements are modified to allow one course with the MATH prefix to satisfy both a requirement of the major and also the GCP 'Quantitative Literacy' requirement.

Required Courses

At least 30 of the required 51 mathematics credit hours must be taken at Webster University.

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  • MATH 1610 Calculus I (5 hours)
  • MATH 1620 Calculus II (5 hours)
  • MATH 2450 Introduction to Abstract Mathematics (3 hours)
  • MATH 3000 Calculus III (5 hours)
  • MATH 2410 Discrete Mathematics (3 hours)
  • MATH 3020 Numerical Analysis (3 hours)
  • MATH 3040 Differential Equations (3 hours)
  • MATH 3160 Linear Algebra (3 hours)
  • MATH 2200 Statistics (3 hours)
  • MATH 3220 Data Mining Methods (3 hours)
  • MATH 3500 Introduction to Algebraic Structures (3 hours)
  • MATH 3530 Modern Geometry (3 hours)
  • MATH 3610 Probability (3 hours)

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Students without a second major or a minor in computer science, computer science with an emphasis in cybersecurity, or management information systems are required to take the following courses:

  • COSC 1550 Computer Programming I (3 hours)
  • COSC 1560 Computer Programming II (3 hours)


Your child can log into Pearson Success and practice our current Math Topics. Activities have been assigned to each student to help master the materials. A User ID and password are required for this site. Please let me know if you do not have yours.
XtraMath allows for practice of basic math facts. A PIN is required for this site. Let me know if you do not have yours.
Hooda Math and Free Rice are both excellent, fun ways to practice math skills.
Bonuses are awarded to those students who take the initiative and work on their math skills. Parents must note and initial on the assignment notebook in order for bonuses to be awarded for using XtraMath, HoodaMath, or Free Rice.
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